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Kunsthallen Brandts will be opening the exhibition Stir Heart under the heading Short Notice, an exhibition concept making it possible to show exhibitions on short notice. Stir Heart comes to us from Samtidsmuseet (The Contemporary Museum) in Oslo where it attracted great attention thanks to its many experimental works by young women artists. Some of these artists work conceptually, some with a devil-may-care attitude, and some sensually. Others are feministic, still others strongly political. The common denominators are experimentation and innovation.

Pipilotti Rist (CH) shows a large-scale video installation that parallels the interior of the body with forms of landscape.

Josephine Lyches (NO) presents her delicate Buddha Machine – a sound box created by a Chinese music group – the sounds of which are converted into visual imagery on a screen by visitors to the exhibition.

Ellen Hyllemose (DK) was one of the very first Danish artists to let her paintings leave the wall and become a combination of painting and sculpture: painting in the expanded field. She has also worked in the medium of installation, incorporating everyday items while uniting pictorial qualities with a specific, spatial and material dimension.

Nathalie Djurberg (SE) creates video animations: grim, contemporary fairy tales, told with originality. Not particularly well-suited for children, their strange mixture of brutality and absurdity deal with the shadowy sides of sexuality, family relations and violence.

Dorte Jelstrup (DK) adopts an insistently feministic and aesthetic focus. Her sensual installations engage a space – symbolically as well as philosophically – where gender socialization and identity are placed under a magnifying glass. Strong emotions conflict with dreams and matter-of-fact staging.

Gerd Tinglum (NO) does pioneering work with colour and colour systems, expressed in painting, drawing, photography and – in this exhibition – video. The work Forsoning XX (Atonement) is a floor-to-ceiling projection of abstract, flowing fields of overlapping colours, accompanied by guitar music based on the rhythm of breathing.

Vanessa Baird (NO) shows a series of large paintings, Seven Steps to Heaven 1-5, executed in a narrative, figurative style and strongly critical of contemporary attitudes to religion, war and politics. Through a powerfully symbolic use of animal and art-historical figures, she couples traditional religion and our modern-day world.

Vibeke Tandberg (NO) works with staged and digitally manipulated photographs. In her photo collage Bruised, Tears, Ghost, she has painted over and deformed a number of self-portraits beyond recognition, focusing on questions concerning the staging and manipulation of one's self.

Opening The art historian Rune Gade will open the exhibition on 9 September at 5 p.m. A small catalogue will be published, introducing the exhibited works.

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Short Notice:
Stir Heart

Künstler: Pipilotti Rist, Josephine Lyches, Ellen Hyllemose, Nathalie Djurberg, Dorte Jelstrup, Gerd Tinglum, Vanessa Baird, Vibeke Tandberg