press release

Opening: Friday, 24. April 2015, 19 Uhr
Duration of exhibition:
Bremen: 25th of April - 28th of June 2015
Köln: 17th of April - 28th of June 2015

In response to the invitation from the Künstlerhaus Bremen and the Temporary Gallery in Cologne, the London based artist Sidsel Meineche Hansen presents a solo show that is simultaneously on view at both institutions.

Conceived as a space of conflict, ONE-self reflects on the intimate relationship to capitalism that the production of subjectivity instigates. The exhibition is centred on the commodification of the 3D model ‘EVA v 3.0’ in the 3D pornographic industry. At the Künstlerhaus Bremen, the installation will feature among others a new CGI animation 'EVA v.3.0: No Right Way 2 Cum' to be viewed on the virtual reality headset Oculus Rift.

Sidsel Meineche Hansen's practice manifests as seminars and exhibitions, exploring nervousness as a form of institutional critique. Over the past year the project has comprised of the artist's solo presentation 'INSIDER' at Cubitt Gallery, London; 'Methylene Blue diluted by Female Ejaculation', commissioned for 'Schizo-Culture: Cracks In The Street' at SPACE Gallery, London; 'J'ai froid', castillo/corrales, Paris and 'HIS HEAD', commissioned for 'Late Barbarians' at Gaswork Gallery, London.