press release

SILENCE includes works by Montreal artists Marie-Claire Blais and Chris Kline; LIMITED comprises an exuberant collection of editioned works by guests and gallery artists, including Shary Boyle, Kristan Horton, Martha Townsend, Jon Sasaki, Derek Sullivan, Laurel Woodcock and others.

Chris Kline was a finalist in the 2005 RBC painting competition. He is a graduate of Queen’s University and the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, Halifax. His paintings were featured this year in the News at Five, a series of mini exhibitions chosen by Canadian Art magazine editor Rick Rhodes for the Toronto International Art Fair. Kline’s drawings are materially and conceptually dense mappings that reveal themselves only through close observation. Marie-Claire Blais studied architecture at the University of Montreal. Since the mid 1990s she has devoted herself increasingly to her art practice. Inspired by natural forms, her subtly drawn patterns of concealment and expansion hover on the edge of the visible. While our visual environment overflows with images designed for fast consumption, both Kline’s works and those by Marie-Claire Blais take form beyond the idea of depiction to evoke broader realms of representation. They are not about what is seen on the surface but, as the great painter Agnes Martin so eloquently said about her own work, they are about what the mind knows forever. Or, one might describe these calm yet intense works as visual equivalents for silence. This exhibition is organized in collaboration with Galerie René Blouin.

Limited includes works for giving made by artists whose practices are variously known for wit, conceptual rigor, material metaphor and sensual beauty. Why acquire brand name luxury products when you can have an original work by an artist, for less?


Künstler: Marie-Claire Blais, Chris Kline, Shary Boyle, Kristan Horton, Martha Townsend, Jon Sasaki, Derek Sullivan, Laurel Woodcock ...