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La Kunsthalle Mulhouse is delighted to present Trois cent cinquante kilogrammes par mètre carré, a solo exhibition by Simon Starling.

Simon Starling creates a body of new works inspired by the history and architecture of the building, a former industrial site, which now houses the Contemporary Art Centre, the University of Upper Alsace, and the Mulhouse town archives.

Simon Starling has been revisiting the history of forms and questioning ideas about the value, fabrication, and status of objects for more than 15 years. His sculptures, installations, and journeys are based on acts of transformation or hybridisations, through movement and in situ installations. Starling methodically separates materials from their context in order to find the unexpected links between seemingly distant domains and timeframes.

This exhibition is the third chapter of a research, which leads the work of visiting curator Vincent Honoré at La Kunsthalle Mulhouse. Honoré's proposition is made up of three exhibitions and a book, all set up as a programme or cycle, or even one unique project spread out over a year in four movements which go together, enrich one another, and complete each other. The cycle concentrates on the question of knowledge as a form in itself, originally taken from philosophy, the sciences, architecture, etc.; a diversified form, which can be worked upon and expropriated, and which artists can take over: it considers the way in which artists question the coproduction and transmission of knowledge by perverting structures, while giving form to its shapes and its staging in a unique manner. The first part was a solo exhibition by Benoît Maire. This second part focused on the construction of knowledge and its presentation in museums with Aurélien Froment, Marie Lund, Melvin Moti, and Benjamin Seror. The fourth part, a book designed by Åbäke, edited by Vincent Honoré in collaboration with Anna Colin, will be published in Autumn 2012.

Curated by Vincent Honoré

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Simon Starling
Trois cent cinquante kilogrammes par metre carre
Kurator: Vincent Honore