press release

Pump House Gallery is delighted to be a host location for Single Shot, the first product of a major new collaboration between the UK Film Council's New Cinema Fund and Arts Council England. Single Shot consists of specially commissioned film and video pieces by well-known artists and works gathered from an open call for submissions from new talent, seeking out anyone with creative ideas. The distinguishing feature of the project is that all films are shot in one single take.

The gallery will be screening three new works. Dark Glass by Clio Barnard is a taut moving micro drama shot on a mobile phone. In Pomegranate by Ori Gersht, the destruction of a carefully composed still life by a high velocity bullet is beautifully recorded in slow motion, whilst Hyewon Kwon's Bittersweet reveals a deeply poignant and disconcerting piano rendition.

Single Shot works are being staged across the capital in galleries, cinemas and public screens as well as other more unusual places, or simply available as downloads from a number of designated sites and associated venues.

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Single Shot
Clio Barnard, Ori Gersht, Hyewon Kwon