press release

A Black Thread employs video, sound and silence to explore ideas of separation, isolation and disjuncture. Using the sculptural components of a single projection, amplified sound, controlled lighting and architectural construction, the installation investigates Smith/Stewart’s fundamental concerns surrounding the body, action, image and sound.

A Black Thread uses repetition and disruption to create a stark environment and a tense situation. The gallery is transformed into a studio, a stage set or an interrogation room in which the viewer actively experiences and constructs the extremes of the installation.

Edward Stewart and Stephanie Smith are Glasgow based artists who work collaboratively. They typically use their own bodies as a way to explore physical or psychological experiences and intense acts of communication. They often record themselves immersed in actions that reflect everyday modes of interaction; however this material is often rendered into claustrophobic scenarios, presented with a sense of imminent violence.

A Black Thread was co-commissioned by Chisenhale Gallery and Film and Video Umbrella. The project was supported by Arts Council England and The Henry Moore Foundation. A Black Thread toured to Site Gallery, Sheffield in 2003 and Milton Keynes Gallery in 2004.

Smith & Stewart. A Black Thread

Smith / Stewart