press release

Sometimes I Just Want a Hug represents a new direction for Jonathan LeVine Gallery. The mix of emerging and mid-career artists, most of whom are new to the gallery, offers an exciting look at the outer edges of the "lowbrow" genre. Their work encompasses both pop culture and fine art influences, as well as tapping into all that lies in between.

This conglomerate of artists pulls from illustrators and painters as well as those who work in more three dimensional medias. Our goal is to give viewers the opportunity to experience where the genre has been as well as where we believe it is going. Sometimes I Just Want a Hug is what happens when a group of artists get together to break all the rules and think outside of the box, as well as have a good time in the process.

Sometimes I Just Want a Hug
Gallery II

mit AJ Fosik, Doze Green, Andrew Schoultz, Matt Haber, Scott Gillis, David Sandlin, Tara McPherson, Jordin Isip, Melinda Beck, Kristin Baker, Max Lawrence, Matt Leines, Nouar  ...