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Soo Kim photographs the spaces in between places and the moments between events. By focusing her camera onto our peripheral consciousness, she exposes the instants that are seemingly forgotten and passed over but that, in actuality, create our realities and memories. The act of travelling takes a central role in Kim’s photographs. As she explores dislocation, transience, desire and our notion of home, she distills travel into a series of ordinary and simple moments where location and destination are unimportant. Soo Kim received her MFA from Cal-Arts and now lives and works in Los Angeles. Her work was included in an exhibition at the Artsonje Center, Seoul, Korea, of eleven young Korean-American artists, titled "Koreamericakorea." Her work was recently on view as part of the Strauss Collection at Cal State Long Beach. Soo Kim teaches at Otis College of Art and Design.

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Soo Kim