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For five weeks the artist run space Sparwasser HQ will shift its activities from Berlin to the center of Istanbul. A variety of activities, performances, talks and exhibits will consider the artist's involvement in communicating and distributing artistic ideas by establishing alternative models of representation.

Invited by Platform, Sparwasser HQ will in fact act as both guest and secondary host in turn inviting artists and people of interest to contribute to the exhibition's developing conceptual framework. As a result, Sparwasser HQ will examine the different self-organized networks that develop through this process of inviting, hosting and collaborating. Through this process of researching collectives and mapping networks issues of self-organization and alternative representation will be raised and questions about alternative economies and values will evolve and establish themselves.

A program of meetings and dialogues in the gallery space will develop throughout the duration of the exhibition. Participating artists include Annika Eriksson, who invites Brasilian musicians to perform in front of her camera; Gitte Villesen who often invites people to tell their personal story to her and the camera; Jakob Kolding who asks publicly if there is any attempt to involve or exclude people living.

In the local neighbourhood to use the public space in the way they wish to use it. The video archive Old Habits Die Hard will also be housed at Platform with 50 art works selected by artist run spaces and art collectives available to the public to watch at their convenience. These situations consider representation, peoples' right for free speech and the use of the public space; all ideas which link to the framework of the research and archiving of artist run spaces and their activities.


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Sparwasser HQ at Platform
Organization: Lise Nellemann, Johannes Raether

Old Habits Die Hard / Archive + Arbeiten von Dave Beech, Heman Chong, Annika Eriksson, Lise Harlev, Jakob Kolding, Henrik Olesen, Susan Philipsz, Reinigungsgesellschaft, Oliver Ressler, Gitte Villesen ...