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Disciples of Apollo: The powers of the eye much like the brain are under utilized. A group of artists from Southern California in the 60s set out to coax the eye to reach its full potential; at least in its capacity to drink in the euphoric powers of light, space and the purity of form and color. Attempts by critics to label them—terms like Light and Space, Finish Fetishists and West Coast Minimalists have fallen far short from marrying label with visual achievement. The pupil dilates and pins when observing these works the way the heart races from new romance as the eye struggles to orient and determine whether the light illuminates from within the work or in reflection. Larry Bell, Peter Alexander and John McCracken have shed the skins of content like a molting snake, revealing the translucent reptilian skin of unblemished surface to reflect and drink in light with insatiable luminance and purity. They are the mighty disciples of Apollo; Spartans, warriors of invention.

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Square Dancing
Larry Bell, John McCracken, Peter Alexander