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June 15 – August 4, 2007

StereoVision, an interdisciplinary museum project, gazes simultaneously at the past, present and future as it proposes a glimpse at ways art and technology shape our vision and perception. Stereographs, a 19th century groundbreaking historical antecedent of virtual reality, are joined with contemporary works that make use of perspective, features of virtual reality and immersive environments to probe and disturb our normative visual, auditory, and kinetic perceptive experiences.

StereoVision considers works by: Peter Bahouth; Ian Burns; Janet Cardiff; Chuck Close; Rochelle Costi; Juan Cespedes; Leandro Erlich; William Kentridge; Zilvinas Kempinas; Barbara Probst; Brian Meola; James Tunick and Janis Garancs. The stereographs are culled from the Drapkin Collection, a well-known Florida based collection of 19th and early 20th century photography, while the contemporary works are loaned from private collections, museums and galleries.

Curated by Izabel Galliera, Assistant Curator and organized by the USFCAM.

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Kurator: Izabel Galliera

mit Peter Bahouth, Ian Burns, Janet Cardiff, Juan Cespedes, Chuck Close, Rochelle Costi, Leandro Erlich, Jaanis Garancs, Zilvinas Kempinas, William Kentridge, Brian Meola, Barbara Probst, James Tunick