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Opening: 14 Oktober, 19:00 - 22:00

Stick/Figure is a group exhibition in which drawing stands central. Just as video was a very popular medium with artists in the 1980's, followed by photography in the 1990's, drawing seems to be the medium through which a more recent generation of artists are currently expressing themselves. Perhaps this is not surprising given that with minimal materials -graphite, chalk and charcoal and paper- an artist can execute his or her ideas relatively easily, creating complex worlds.

This is readily seen in the Stick/Figure exhibition: the offerings that the artists serve up for the MAMA public range from surreal eroticism and pogo-ing audiences at outdoor concerts in the 1980's to noodle-slurping girls and desolate overgrown cityscapes.

The artists in this international group show use drawing as their most important medium to arrive at new work and to extend their exploration beyond the furthest borders. They are drawn from Germany, England, the Netherlands and America.

The curator Boris van Berkum will hang the works in an intuitive manner. Together the works will communicate as a large three-dimensional drawing installation; a special exhibition that highlights the importance of drawing for a generation of artists.

Stick/Figure is, in part, a do-it-yourself exhibition. MAMA invites her public to also come and draw on Sundays. Amateurs and professionals alike are welcome. No inspiration? No problem. MAMA has invited a few amazing models to pose for the drawing public. Whether you want to do a still life or a bare head, come drawing nonetheless. On Sunday afternoons, professional artists will guide the public. At the end of the afternoon a selection will be made of the produced works. This selection will be exhibited for a week in MAMA.

Kunstenaars: Bettina Carl (DE), Johan Kleinjan (NL), Robert Rosenau (NL), Angelique (NL), Ion Birch (USA), Mike Paré (USA), Alekos Hofstetter (DE), Gert-Jan van den Akerboom (NL), Heather Deedman(UK), Silvia B.(NL), Cornelia Schmidt-Bleek(DE) Curator: Boris van Berkum

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Stick/Figure "drawing show"
Kurator: Boris van Berkum

mit Gert-Jan van den Akenboom, Bettina Carl, Heather Deedman, Robert Rosenau, Angelique , Silvia B. , Gert-Jan van den Akenboom, Johan Kleinjan, Ion Birch, Alekos Hofstetter, Mike Pare, Cornelia Schmidt-Bleek ...