press release


From the 24 March until 2 April STRP Biennial will take place in Eindhoven. We’ll announce our initial line up very soon, so stay tuned! And let your friends know that your coming to STRP via this Facebook link!

Participate at STRP SCHOOL
It might be difficult for foreign schools to participate in this part of the program. But we’re very proud that already 3280 kids from primary and secondary schools will be joining our workshops. They will be discovering the creative potential of new technology via guided tours and workshops. There will be workshops on themes and technologies like virtual reality, senses, creative programming, animation, vj-ing, taste, electronics, senses.

STRP SENIOR nominee for national award
The creative city of Eindhoven is leading in the fields of culture, technology and design. For elderly people the cutting edge arts scene is still an unknown world. In Collaboration with Dutch Design Foundation, MU and Mad Skills we’ve developed KunstRoute65. The STRP SENIOR project, an audio/visual performance will be presented at Stadsschouwburg Utrecht as part of Age Friendly Cities.

In collaboration with a ground op retired technicians visual artist Ricky van Broekhoven built a new installation, a big water tank with speakers and a floating ball, inspired by the work of Olafur Eliasson. Lights reflect the water waves and visualize the sound waves. Also a band of seniors will play their musical instrument. In collaboration with producer Joris Tillmans they try to create a digital sound effect with analog instruments.

A jury, chaired by Hedy d’Ancona will ultimately decide which city is the best Age Friendly Cultural City. They winner of the BNG Bank Lang Leve Kunst Prijs will receive 20.000 euro.

We are looking for interns! If you’d like to join our team (and speak, read and write Dutch) see above for more information.

Positive advice Brabant Arts Council
We’re very happy with the positive advice from the Brabant Arts Council. According to them we’re “leading within The Netherlands and Europe.” The province of North Brabant will support us with a four-year grant. With that funding we can keep on working on a unique experience for visitors, artists and partners.

New communications team
Joost Heijthuijsen and Nadine Roestenburg started as the new marketing and communication team of STRP. Heijthuijsen will be taking care of strategy, media-partnerships and the communication of the special projects by STRP, from workshops for kids till unique STRP productions. Roestenburg will be in charge of the online communication strategy and the conference. We’re proud with the new marketing team that represents our ambition.

Jorge Alves Lino associate lector at Fontys
The FutureMediaLab is the place where students can follow a Future Media course, graduate with a media concept, or get assistance with their start up. Jorge Alves Lino, also business director of STRP, is the new associate lector Media Interaction and Narration, a multi-disciplinary playground of the arts, ICT, communication, applied psychology and Economic University of Applied Sciences. Within this lectorate, researchers, designers and students investigate in theory and in practice about what the future of media can be, in a world that is becoming predominantly more networked and technological. The practice output of the electorate’s research is the FutureMediaLab