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Peter Greenaway added to the STRP Festival

There seems to come no end to the list of artists who will appear at the first edition of the STRP festival. The organization announces with much pleasure that among others the famous British film director Peter Greenaway and the worldwide respected light architect Har Hollands have been added to the festival. Greenaway, well-known for cult classics such as The Pillow Book',The Cook, the Thief, his Wife and her lover’, ‘Prospero's books' and the Tulse Luper Suitcases', will join the festival together with DJ Radar and their newest VJ-projectTulse Luper '. Greenaway made his VJ-debut last year at club 11 in Amsterdam and at the same time set a new standard for the international VJ-scene. Har Hollands travels the complete world to light out all kinds of impressive construction work in a particular manner. He provided among others the Spinx and the pyramids in Egypt with a splendid light show. Within the framework of the STRP festival he gets to work with the enormous Clock building on Strijp-S, the location of the festival. Also, the live acts Solid Decay and Hrvatski have been added to the musical program and the Visuals’ component has been extended with Visual Music clips from NoTV and with Videoboxing, a live cinema performance of SXNDRX. The program Interactive Art has been also extended with 3D-Quoter, a project of Paul Klotz.

The total program at this point;

ROBOTICS Amorphic RobotWorks (USA) - Inflatable Bodies, robotlab , Juke_bots, Bill Vorn (CAN) - Hysterical Machines, Pascal Glissmann, Martina Höfflin (GER) - Electronic Life Forms (ELF), Garnet Hertz (CAN) - Cockroach Controlled Mobile Robot #3, Gijs van Bon - Arabesk #23, Time’s up/HRL (AUT), Bar Bot - Dr. Christoph Bartneck (GER) – eMuu, Robbert Smit, Graham Smith, HKU – Telemoby, Björn Schülke (GER) – Nervous, Markus Lerner, Andre Stubbe (GER) – Outerspace, Michiel van Overbeek – Nazarenos, Lara Greene (UK) - You Move Me, Fred Abels & Mirjam Langemeijer - Dirk

INTERACTIVE ART Marnix de Nijs - RMR (runmotherfuckerrun), C6 (UK) - Want & Need, //////////fur//// art entertainment interfaces (GER) – PainStation, Marnix de Nijs & Edwin van der Heide - Spatial Sounds, Mateusz Herczka - 44\13, Debbie does art – Cockroachlounge, Walter Langelaar - SUB-OBJECT_2.1, Raymond Deirkauf, Beyond Expression - Ray’s, Aldje van Meer en Radboud Mens – Realsound, Kim Boekhout van Solinge – Ruissimulatie, David Kousemaker – TouchMe, Prohaska, Sägmüller, Demblin (AUT) - Unplugger v1.1/Plug In to Black Out, Prohaska (AUT) – KRFTWRK, Crew (BE) - Degenerator 2.0, Paul Klotz - 3D-Quoter

MUSIC Dj’s Jeff Mills (DVJ-set, USA), Derrick May (USA), Daniel Wang (USA), DJ Krust (UK), Addictive TV (DVJ Set, UK), Lady Aida, Steffi, Martyn (DJ Pan), Robob, Rick Angel, Ari Daily, Caz One Live Karl Bartos (Ex-Kraftwerk, GER), Mouse on Mars (GER), DMX Krew (UK), Atom Heart (GER / CHI), Octave One (USA), Joris Voorn, Secret Cinema, Zeena Parkins & Ikue Mori (USA), Beautyon (UK), Daniel Wang (USA), Kettel, Geigercounting Dijf Sanders (BE), Dexter, Like a Tim, Vert (GER, UK), Drillem, Taeji Sawai (JPN), Ella Bandita, Jamie Hodge (USA) & Yutaka Makino (JPN), Vince Vice and the Raiders of the Lost Cause, David Grubbs (USA), Solid Decay, Hrvatski, Dick el Demansiado

VISUALS Live Cinema Skoltz Kolgen (CAN), Telcosystems, Addictive TV (UK): The Eye of the Pilot, Boris en Brecht Debackere (BE): Rotor, Optical Machines, SXNDRX: Videoboxing

Video-art/art videoclips Cinefeel - Music Videos, Addictive TV (UK) – Mixmasters, Optronica (UK) - Visual Music on the Screen, WORM - Live Cinema DVD 1, NOTV - Visual Music 2, VJ Oxygen

Live visuals & presentations by Holland-Interactive Special outdoor light installation by Har Hollands

Films Fritz Lang (GER) – Metropolis, Fred M. Wilcox (USA) - Forbidden Planet, Mamoru Oshii (JPN) - Ghost in the Shell 2, Het uur van de wolf - Op zoek naar een vergeten toepassing, Lesic, Lindgreen & Pancras, When I sold my soul to the machine, Len Lye (NZL) - Birth of a Robot, Lillian Schwartz (USA) – Pixilliation, Robert Seidel(GER) –Grau, Phillipp Hirsch (GER) – Inside, Alexander Rutterford (UK) - Gantz Graf, Alexander Rutterford (UK) - 3Space, Johnny Hardstaff (UK) - Future of Gaming, George Melies (FRA) - Le Voyage dans la Lune

OTHER Theatre Pipslab - The washing powder conspiracy - produced by Paradiso-Melkweg Productiehuis, Crew (BE) - _U, Eboman - SampleMadnesS, Space InvasiON - Breakdancing

Workshop Ralf Schreiber, Tina Tonagel and Christian Faubel (GER) ‘Chirping and Crawling’ Robotworkshop

Lectures Karl Bartos (Ex Kraftwerk, GER), Bas Haring, Dirk van Weelde, Dr. Christoph Bartneck (GER), Kees Tazelaar, Koert van Mensvoort, Peter Verhelst (BE) Hans Beekmans

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mit robotlab , Bill Vorn, Pascal Glissmann, Martina Höfflin, Garnet Hertz, Gijs van Bon, Christoph Bartneck, Robbert Smit, Graham Smith, Björn Schülke, Markus Lerner, Andre Stubbe, Michiel van Overbeek, Lara Greene, Fred Abels & Mirjam Langemeijer, Marnix de Nijs, Volker Morawe, Marnix de Nijs & Edwin van der Heide, Mateusz Herczka, Walter Langelaar, Raymond Deirkauf, , Aldje van Meer / Radboud Mens, Kim Boekhout van Solinge, David Kousemaker, Prohaska, Sägmüller, Demblin, Paul Klotz, Jeff Mills, Derrick May, Daniel Wang, Rick Angel, Karl Bartos ( Kraftwerk ), Mouse on Mars, Atom Heart , , Joris Voorn, Zeena Parkins & Ikue Mori, Daniel Wang, Taeji Sawai, Ella Bandita, Jamie Hodge & Yutaka Makino, David Grubbs, Skoltz Kolgen, Addictive TV , Boris en Brecht Debackere, Fritz Lang, Fred M. Wilcox, Mamoru Oshii, Lindgreen & Pancras,Len Lye, Lillian Schwartz, Robert Seidel, Phillipp Hirsch, Alexander Rutterford, Johnny Hardstaff, George Melies, Peter Greenaway ... ...