press release

03.06.2021 - 06.06.2021

STRP Festival 2021
All of Us

STRP Festival. Four days of exhibitions, participative experiences, inspiring talks and an education program. This year’s online edition, on June 3 - 6, is based on the theme All of Us.

STRP wonders; how can we better serve the collective as individuals? We need new forms of connection - what could they be? And what can we learn from the collectivity of organisms, bird flocks and cells? We live in a divided world. Social media networks, created with the promise of connection, instead establish political bubbles and generate feelings of isolation. With the emergence of the Covid crisis, human contact has been reduced to Zoom and Teams meetings. And consumerism gives us the feeling of a world entirely designed around us.
But at the same time, we are seeing a rebirth of the collective. Occupy, #metoo, Black Lives Matter and climate change groups show the need for a vision on what unites us, rather than focusing on what makes us unique.
Highlighting our connection with the natural world makes it possible to rethink the human perspective together. With humans no longer at the centre of everything, but rather as a part of a larger ecosystem of equals, we can include the rest of the natural world in our perception of ‘the collective’.

For STRP Festival 2021, we collaborate with artists, designers, developers and philosophers who are inspired by these ideas. They use art, technology and nature as sources of inspiration for All of Us. This year’s festival is a combination of interactive lectures, workshops and education in which the audience can join the dialogue, and a collection of digital artworks, some with a participative element.

STRP invited 14 national and international artists that rule the screen to make new works. They used art, technology and nature as sources of inspiration for our theme All of Us.
These digital-savvy artists understand how to play with interactivity, colours, movement, shape and position in a flat world. You’ll find 3D worlds, video animation, alternate realities, art created with bots and the use of algorithms, and project videos.
This expo is, as you have come to expect from STRP, not all sit and watch. We have art installations that take you away from the screen and there’s also a digital tour. There’s even a bar where you can get together with others! .

The art projects include Danielle Brathwaite Shirley who takes you into her 3D world of the experience of encounters of black trans women, Tega Brain & Sam Lavigne who challenge digital media with bots to highlight climate issues, and Lundahl & Seitl who enable you to explore the proximity of others in the room without them being there.

We are proud to announce our entire line-up of which STRP has commissioned 8 artworks;.

Anouk Kruithof | Antoine Bertin | Boris Acket & Maarten Vos | Dalena Tran | Danielle Brathwaite Shirley | | Iman Person | LaTurbo Avedon | Lawrence Lek | Liam Young | Lundahl & Seitl | Post-Neon | Tega Brain & Sam Lavigne | Zeno van den Broek

STRP Festival Opening - Distant Thoughts
We have an entertaining and deepening experience lined up as the opening of our festival. In Distant Thoughts, the audience is invited to share their thoughts by calling with a stranger somewhere on Earth. Participants are randomly connected, in duo, with a person they have never met before. By working through the script, it will be a conversation that is not easily forgotten.

STRP, Building Conversation and Affect Lab cooperate for this large-scale version of Distant Thoughts.

Wednesday 2 June, 20:30 (CET)
For free for everyone, no ticket needed, registering required

Scenarios for the future
Together, we want to explore critical optimistic scenarios for the future. We have rethought ways of activating our audience. The Scenarios consist of entertaining and experimental online events with an audio walk, break-out sessions, audience voting and in-depth discussions on the urgent topics of our time. Each STRP Scenario is an interactive open dialogue with artists, designers, media makers, thinkers and participants.
STRP Scenarios will address four topics that explore today’s challenges and question the relationship between people, experimental technology, society and the future, all with collectivity in mind. STRP works with co-curators Building Conversation, Antoine Bertin, Merlijn Twaalfhoven from the Turnclub and Cream on Chrome in the Scenarios.

Thursday 3 June - Scenario #11 Conversations on Collectivity
Friday 4 June - Scenario #12 Rhythmic Resonance
Saturday 5 June - Scenario #13 Becoming Time Rebels
Sunday 6 June - Scenario #14 Collectivize!