press release

Photographs are often perceived as transparent windows onto a three-dimensional world. Yet photographs also have their own material presence as physical objects. Contemporary artists who exploit this apparent contradiction between photograph as window and photograph as object are featured in Surface Tension.

The exhibition presents thirty works that play with the inherent tension between the flatness of the photograph and the often lifelike illusion of depth. Surface Tension highlights the ways in which artists use photographic and multimedia techniques to direct our attention to the physical surface of the photograph. Among the works featured are photographs that have been purposely scratched, burned, or painted on, as well as photograms made by placing objects directly on top of a sheet of photographic paper. The exhibition is drawn entirely from the permanent collection and features several recent acquisitions and other contemporary photographs never before shown at the Museum.

Surface Tension: Contemporary Photographs from the Collection

Künstler: Lucas Samaras, Walker Evans, Andrew Bush, Lee Friedlander, Jungjin Lee, Frederick Sommer, Gerhard Richter, Aaron Siskind, Adam Fuss, Tom Friedman, Miguel Rio Branco, Giuseppe Penone, Ann Hamilton, Vik Muniz, Daido Moriyama, Anna Atkins, Miles Coolidge, Tim Davis, Chris McCaw, Robert Demachy, Christian Marclay, Eileen Quinlan, Roger Fenton, Marco Breuer, Pertti Kekarainen.