press release

For her 2010 project with the Centre d'édition contemporaine, Susanne M. Winterling is going to produce and show several pieces, whose principal reference and source is the avant-garde group Pool. Between the end of the 1920s and the beginning of the 1930s, the American poetess H.D. (Hilda Doolittle), the British writer Bryher (Winifred Ellerman) and Kenneth Macpherson, a Scottish draughtsman and cinema-lover, were gathered in this group. Producers and editors of experimental films (Pool), they founded together a critical and literary review for Art and Cinema of their time, Close Up, active between 1927 and 1933. Pool and Close Up, and the best known film they shot together, Borderline (1930), are on an experimental ground close to surrealism and to the taste of the era for parapsychological phenomena, visionary experiences and magic. At the beginning of the 20th century, these interests strongly relate to the first psychoanalitic practices where the cinematographic image still has the diaphanous, magical mystery of the projection and could reveal mental projections, could be a psychoanalitic material.

The installation of Susanne M. Winterling will involve transforming slightly the windows of our venue, a transformation that contextualizes a series of recent works : 16mm films, photomontage and assemblage of objects, inspired by the group Pool, its interest for experimental cinema, its editorial engagement and its lifestyle.

Susanne M. Winterling was born in 1970 in Rehau/Oberfranken (Germany) ; she lives and works in Berlin.

Susanne Winterling
They Called Each Other Horses