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Suspended Disbelief asks its audience to put its disbelief aside. Assembling works by nine contemporary artists, the exhibition challenges its viewers to accept a basic, though unlikely, premise about each piece in the show in order to fully engage in the work. Dana Melamed’s wall piece uses unconventional materials to create a sprawling urban landscape that couldn’t possibly exist in reality. Marco Breuer’s one-of-a-kind photographs are made without a camera or negative, while Joseph Stashkevetch’s detailed drawing is difficult to imagine as anything but a photograph. John Chiara and Antonio Murado offer their own unique take on landscape as Yvonne Estrada and Allyson Strafella’s intricate, abstract drawings are created using tools not often associated with the medium. Mark Sheinkman makes paintings with graphite, further blurring the medium’s boundaries with his subtractive, rather than additive, process. Melanie Willhide’s photographs of 50s pinup girls which once read like straight photography are now digitally sliced, mirrored and repeated in a playful demonstration of photography’s capacity for the inauthentic.

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Suspended Disbelief

Künstler: Marco Breuer, John Chiara, Yvonne Estrada, Dana Melamed, Antonio Murado, Mark Sheinkman, Joseph Stashkevetch, Allyson Strafella, Melanie Willhide