press release

Sven Påhlsson's series "Bending Water" utilises computer technology currently used in weather forecasting and the calculation of elemental forces. The series is very contemporary in its many ecological connections to water thematics such as polar ice melting and other extreme weather phenomenons. The strange, alien formations we meet in these works also bear reminders of the sublime, or of creation in a general, universal, eternal meaning.

As well as more futuristic reminders of galactic new formations and genetic, molecular innovations.

Sven Påhlsson (b. 1965) is one of Scandinavia's most recognized contemporary artists. With his utmost advanced computer animations he remains one of very few Nordic artists occupying a central position within so-called Hypermodernism, which expresses the hyperreality and virtual world we live in.

The video works will be shown after sunset on the National Gallery's façade on Tullinløkka and the Museum of Contemporary Art's façade on Bankplassen.

Curator for the exhibition is Nina Denney Ness

Sven Pahlsson: Bending Water III (2007) og Bending Water V (2008)
Kurator: Nina Denney Ness
The National Gallery and The Museum of Contemporary Art