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The present exhibition presents two artists based in Paris, France. Takesada Matsutani, born in Japan, and Ralph Petty, born in U.S., both started their career in Paris. In a vast stream of time peculiar to France, two artists try to accomplish timeless art by facing themselves and maturing expressions.

In Paris, both of two are etrangers. Even after their long career as artists, their creativity is obviously different from those who grew up there and cannot be easily integrated. This fact cultivated their unique styles.

Since his relocation to Paris, Matsutani has nurtured paintings using plastic glue, on which he works since the years of GUTAI, to his chef-d'oeuvre. Petty has created various works, both flat and solid, with his flexible creativity and, in recent years, energetically works on paintings of an oriental taste. Objective of the present exhibition is to introduce two artists of different mother countries creating orientally-inspired works in Paris, and to review how France inspires the artists. We hope to provide an opportunity to reconsider Japanese modern art in the current chaotic cultural environment, through the two artists' works maturing in the wide stream of time in Paris.

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Takesada Matsutani / Ralph Petty 
Etrangers a Paris