press release

Media attention of young British art has often been described as all self promoting but essentially masking considerable ambition with nothing much to substantiate it; (all teeth & trousers). As its title indicates, ‘teeth & trousers’ provokes an audience to reassess this view. Set in an industrial warehouse once occupied by a zip manufacturer, the theme of the show is simply to make use of a space while it is available, later to be converted into artists’ studios. ‘teeth & trousers’ is to allow for deviation where continuity has set in. As London’s East End is developing at a rapid pace, many artists are being financially forced out of established studio complexes. This predicament has hit all generations, from the recent graduate to many who are fairly advanced in their careers. ‘teeth & trousers’ is a comment on the bare faced reality of this state of flux and the energy this has caused. Re-enforcing this is the raw nature of the building as a vehicle and the placing of established artists with recent graduates.

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teeth & trousers
Kuratoren: Richard Priestley & Milika Muritu

Künstler: Reza Aramashi, Bob & Roberta Smith, Craig Fisher, Dan Howard-Birt, Daniel Jackson, Dylan Shipton, Ellie Howitt, Fiona Banner, Francis Upritchard, Gavin Turk, Goshka Macuga, Henry Coleman, Inventory , Jemima Stehli, Jessica Voorsanger, Klega, Mat Calderwood, Mike Stubbs, Milika Muritu, Mirja Oksanen, Monica Oeschler, Paul McDevitt, Paul McLoughlin, Peter Harris, Reza Aramesh, Rosie Mayell, Saron Hughes, Sheena MacRae, Simon Patterson, Richard Priestley, Giles Round