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This exhibition explores the recent trend among European designers for unique or limited edition pieces that push the boundaries between art and design. It showcases furniture, lighting and ceramics, designed by a new generation of international designers, including Tord Boontje, Maarten Baas, Jurgen Bey and Studio Job, who are all inspired by the spirit of story-telling. Each tells a tale through their use of decorative devices, historical allusions or choice of materials, sharing common themes such as fantasy, parody and a concern with mortality.

The exhibition is in three sections: The Forest Glade is inspired by fantasy and nature evoking the spirit of fairytales. The Enchanted Castle exaggerates and parodies historical design styles often associated with displays of status. Heaven and Hell is concerned with themes of mortality and the afterlife. From early July 2009 you will be able to explore these sections online, but visit The Exhibition page for a selection of objects.

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Telling Tales

Künstler: Maarten Baas, Sebastian Brajkovic, Jürgen Bey, Tord Boontje, Dunne & Raby, Niels van Eijk, Ineke Hans, Miriam van der Lubbe, Stephen Richards, Wieki Somers, Studio Job , Jeroen Verhoeven ...