press release

We are proud to present ”The articulated dream”, an exhibition with artists who share a more or less evident use of surrealist strategies in their work.

Gudrun Åhlberg (born in 1921 and still active as an artist) is the central figure in this exhibition. She graduated from University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm in 1946 and was for a period of time part of the artists’ group The Imaginists, formed in Sweden in the late 1940’s. As a female artist she has been largely excluded from the movement and groups whose works can be seen in museums and in the media and, moreover, have been given a place in contemporary history.

In Åhlberg’s collages from the 80’s and 90’s, some of which feature the technique decalcomania, as well as in the other participating artists’ works (born 1958-68), there is an evident methodology which refers to dreams, our subconscious, imaginings, hybrids and metamorphoses.

We are very grateful to Harriet Deger at Galleri Hera, Stockholm.

The title of the exhibition is a quotation from Ilmar Laaban’s foreword ”The Serene Scissors” for a book on Gudrun Åhlberg, published by Raster förlag in 1993 with texts by Jan Linder.


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The articulated dream

mit Carin Ellberg, Annika von Hausswolff, Johan Nobell, Nina Saunders, Johan Zetterquist, Gudrun Ahlberg