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Images of violence, the physicality and the presence (and absence) of the human body within a present historical moment are key to The body. The ruin. The exhibition addressed the way that artists use the languages of the body as a means of describing or inhabiting a contemporaneous moment (locating us within that moment), and in doing so, it addressed the body as a contested or devalued entity—through war, through biomedical research, within contested geographical sites, the urban environment and workplace.

The body. The ruin also approached the body within a temporal dimension through the symbol of the ruin, which has a strange, labyrinthine relationship to time; its present existence relative to the past but dependent and reinvigorated through the present moment. Exhibiting artists included: Laylah Ali (United States), Diann Bauer (United Kingdom), Ian Burn (Australia), Christian Capurro (Australia), Joy Hester (Australia), Joan Jonas (United States), Ruth Maclennan (United Kingdom), Tom Nicholson (Australia), Santiago Sierra (Mexico) and Aaron Williamson (United Kingdom). The exhibition was curated by London-based guest curator Bridget Crone. The accompanying publication presented new writing by Bridget Crone, Maria Tumarkin and Lebbeus Woods.

The body. The ruin

mit Laylah Ali, Diann Bauer, Ian Burn, Christian Capurro, Joy Hester, Joan Jonas, Ruth Maclennan, Tom Nicholson, Santiago Sierra, Aaron Williamson