press release

Spectacular colour photographic coast landscapes from across England, Wales and Northern Ireland have been captured by the National Trust’s photographers Joe Cornish, Paul Wakefield and David Noton, some of the country’s best in this field of photography.

Renowned for their insightful reportage photography, Magnum photographers Ian Berry, Stuart Franklin, David Hurn and Chris Steele-Perkins visited several National Trust coastal locations. Using black and white imagery in Magnum’s distinctive style, their photographs reflect the delicate interdependent relationships that coastal communities have with the sea.

Featured among their work are the natural devastation caused by recent flooding at Boscastle in Cornwall, the environmental sensitivity of protecting puffins in the Farne Islands and traditional scenes of a family day out at the seaside in Wales – as well as coastlines nearer to home in Lancashire and Formby.


The Coast Exposed

mit Ian Berry, Stuart Franklin, David Hurn, Chris Steele-Perkins, u.a.