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This year's Curatorial Training Programme has decided to leave the exhibition spaces of de Appel and realize "THE GO-BETWEEN", a series of artists' projects in the Bijlmer.

The Bijlmer, a garden city on the outskirts of Amsterdam, was built according to modernist ideals in the 1960's. Since then it is constantly transforming: ideologically, architectonically and socially. In the Bijlmer, every-day life goes in between the rigidly planned architecture and the foreseen life style: business buildings are used for religious gatherings, self-organized taxi-services provide an alternative income, and small businesses emerge in private apartments. The unique history, as well as, the dynamics of the numerous migrant cultures assembled in this location have been the inspiration for "THE GO-BETWEEN".

The 11 invited artists respond to the Bijlmer and its transformational qualities with their own visual language. They use ephemeral, performative media and invite a diverse audience to both view and take part in their projects.

Participating artists: Gustavo Artigas(MX), Marjolijn Dijkman (NL), Diego Fern√°ndez(CL), Mark Hosking(UK), San Keller(CH), Frank Koolen(NL), Surasi Kusolwong(TH), Daragh Reeves(UK) and Harald Thys & Jos de Gruyter(BE) Designers: Alfons Hooikaas & Adriaan Mellegers(NL)

Curators (participants of CTP 06/07): Andrew Cannon (UK), Maaike Gouwenberg (NL), Camila Marambio (CL), Annette Schemmel (D), Karolin Tampere (NO), Magdalena Ziólkowska (PL)

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Curatorial Training Programme 06/07 presents:
Kuratoren: Andrew Cannon, Maaike Gouwenberg, Camila Marambio, Annette Schemmel, Karolin Tampere, Magdalena Ziolkowska

mit Gustavo Artigas, Marjolijn Dijkman, Diego Fernandez, Mark Hosking, San Keller, Frank Koolen, Surasi Kusolwong, Daragh Reeves, Harald Thys / Jos de Gruyter

THE GO-BETWEEN Closing Party / 22.4.
Live music performances by: INSTITUTO DIVORCIADO , Vaderloze Troepe, Kiddo
Cee, DJ Lonely ...