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Art Centre Z33 presents contemporary visual art and design exhibitions that critically observe the social and scientific developments.

Z33 has invited Ives Maes, (°1976, Hasselt), a committed, critical artist. His new project "Former World Expo Sites visited by Extra-Terrestrials" links two phenomena that have influenced our vision on society and the future. The first part of this project is also his first major solo exposition - THE GREAT EXHIBITION part 1: Europe- where Maes contrasts the optimism of the world exhibitions with the critical, apocalyptic point of view of science fiction movies.

The basis of the exhibition is a new series of photos taken by Ives Maes at former world exhibition sites all over Europe, in which these sites are linked to elements from science fiction films. These images reveal an ironic analysis of recent history which makes one wonder which vision comes closer to reality: the vision presented by the world exhibitions or that of the science fiction film?

The fact that Z33's Wing'58 is itself the result of the last Belgian world exhibition, adds an extra dimension to the confrontation. Various architectural elements have been integrated, including Wing'58, through which the architecture becomes a part of the exhibition.

Belgians have been taking a nostalgic look back at Expo '58 throughout 2008. Together with Ives Maes, Z33 is ending this review, critically reflecting and envisioning the future.

Within scope of the French presidency of the European Union, Ives Maes was given the opportunity to study the extensive FRAC collections. He selected works by Absalon, Dan Graham, Douglas Gordon, Dora García, Ettore Sottsass, Liam Gillick and Luciano Fabro from the collections of FRAC Aquitaine, Bourgogne, Nord-Pas de Calais, Languedoc-Roussillon and Lorraine. This selection embodies the third part of THE GREAT EXHIBITION and enters into a dialogue with Ives Maes's own photo series.

The project hereby belongs to "Carte(s) Blanche(s). All Eyes on the FRACs, and vice versa" coordinated by "PLATFORM".

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THE GREAT EXHIBITION part 1: Europe - Ives Maes