press release

This extraordinary exhibition revolves around the Museum’s symbol, the fascinating and well-known Portrait of a Lady, painted by Piero del Pollaiolo around 1470. Regarded as one of the greatest masterpieces of Florentine Renaissance, this oil on panel is displayed, for the first time in its history, next to its three “sisters”. By gathering a wide range of objects - such as paintings, drawings, sculptures, jewelry and embroidery -, this exhibition gives you the opportunity to explore the all-round talent of the Pollaiuolo brothers and the diversity of techniques implemented in their workshops. The importance of this three-month event lies not only in the fine quality of the artworks on show, but also in its contribution to the ongoing debate over attribution matters. Up to this day, in fact, critics have disagreed over the division of the Pollaiuolo’s oeuvre between the two brothers. By visiting The Ladies by the Pollaiuolo brothers. Works from a great Renaissance workshop, you will have the chance to discover the curators’ innovative insight on such regard. While Piero is presented as the master of painting, Antonio is celebrated for his undeniable supremacy in goldsmithery and sculpture, as well as for his creative compositions. Many other events will take place during the time of the exhibition, both in the Museum and around the city. These events will focus on the theme of females’ Beauty, and the way it has been explored from the Renaissance until nowadays. This rich agenda includes debates, conferences, plays, itineraries in other museums, concerts and photo shootings. Among such events, the photo shootings entitled “To every woman its profile” are particularly special (link). Symbolic locations spread around Milan, will be turned into settings for these shooting. Established as well as emerging photographers will be involved in this exciting project.