press release

Since Narcissus we have been both captivated and tormented by our reflected image. Mirrors give us access to an interior world where it is sometimes difficult to distinguish between the civilising effects of 'self-awareness' and the dark vortex of 'self-obsession'.

In The Mirror Effect, Natalie Bookchin (USA), Adad Hannah (Canada), Sally Rees (TAS) and Torben Sko (ACT) playfully explore the way mirrors work and what they mean to us in the modern world. Embracing old-fashioned optical trickery as well as state of the art technology, this exhibition is a hall of mirrors in which our anxieties as well as our aspirations are reflected back at us.

The Mirror Effect

Künstler: Natalie Bookchin, Adad Hannah, Sally Rees, Torben Sko