press release

"The Music in Me” was an exhibition – concert in the Gesellschaft für Aktuelle Kunst, Bremen. It originated as a project that intended to present music – produced, documented or addressed – in works by contemporary visual artists. The exhibition explored diverse ways of dealing with popular, rock or folk music.

The set up of the "show” takes a rather "Greenbergian” modernist approach, which highlights the characteristic method of a certain discipline. As in the case of contemporary pop or rock music whose "canvas” and "paint” is its sound and video, thus we invited for this event artists who are producing audio and video rather then traditional objects that relate to music.

Artists: Dave Allen Aline Bouvy John Gillis Pavel Braila Veaceslav Druta Orfeus Fanfare Ciocirlia / Asphalt Tango Production Tony Cokes Douglas Gordon Alexander Gyoerfi Annika Eriksson Mircea FLORIAN Illegal Art Petra Klusmeyer Mike Kelley / Destroy All Monsters Michael Lapuks Dainius Liskevicius Ralf Marschalleck / Joachim Tschirner Andrei Monastirskii Jonathan Monk Wolfgang Müller / Die Tödliche Doris ®TMARK Susan Philipsz Alexander Petrelli PLANETART Bob & Roberta Smith / The Ken Ardley Playboys Eran Schaerf Ross Sinclair Alexei Shulgin / 386 DX SKART, Annika Ström SUPERFLEX Ned Sublette Lawrence Weiner & The Persuasions Gediminas and Nomeda Urbonas Young-Hae Chang Marc Voge / YOUNG-HAE CHANG HEAVY INDUSTRIES

Dave Allen, Aline Bouvy, John Gillis, Pavel Braila, Veaceslav Druta, Fanfare Ciocirlia / Asphalt Tango Production, Tony Cokes, Douglas Gordon, Alexander Gyoerfi, Annika Eriksson, Mircea Florian, Illegal Art,, Petra Klusmeyer, Mike Kelley / Destroy All Monsters, Michael Lapuks, Dainius Liskevicius, Ralf Marschalleck / Joachim Tschirner, Andrei Monastyrsky, Jonathan Monk, Wolfgang Müller (Ulfur Hrodolfsson) / Die tödliche Doris, Susan Philipsz, Alexander Petrelli, PLANETART, Bob & Roberta Smith / The Ken Ardley Playboys, Eran Schaerf, Ross Sinclair, Alexei Shulgin / 386 DX, Skart Group, Annika Ström, Superflex, Ned Sublette, Lawrence Weiner & The Persuasions , Nomeda & Gediminas Urbonas, Marc Voge / Young-Hae Chang HEAVY INDUSTRIES