press release

RTR gallery is delighted to present a new lustful exhibition, “The Object of [Sex and] Desire”, specially curated for the space - and the Mois de la Photo à Paris Off.

Antoine d’Agata [France] / Nobuyoshi Araki [Japan] / Nikolay Baharev [Russia] / Alberto Garcia-Alix [Spain] / Camilla Holmgren [Denmark] / Evgeny Mokorev [Russia] / Pierre Molinier [France] / Margo Ovcharenko [Russia] / Lars Schwander [Denmark] / Jeffrey Silverthorne [USA] / Jacob Aue Sobol [Denmark]

«I love you and I want you right now. You are the object of my desire. » I am listening to the lyrics of a song « Do you know where friendship ends and the passion does begin ? » And when the other voice responds « it’s between the bonding of her stockings and her skin » I find myself in another world. The world of dreams and desire. « The Object of [Passion and] Desire » is a photo exhibition that explores the subject of temptation. Love, desire, sex and also the affection. It’s between the romance of desire and waiting and again, the excitation and lust.

The authoportrait of Pierre Molinier in underwear calls the tune. Fetishist, addicted to the contestable sexuality with a particular appetite to transsexuality, a genius Molinier as André Breton used to call him, shocks us with his outrageous performances.

Jeffrey Silverthorne with his sublimated view in the anti-esthetical context became famous in France via VU-gallery. He shows us a girl laying down on the sofa - as a reference to the famous burlesque danser of Kertesz.

Nobuyoshi Araki shows one of these women with a stopped mouth. Sex and death appear in his work, claimed by either the upperclass society and the underground of Tokyo.

Nikolay Bakharev is one of rare photographers who opens the door in private lives of Russian families . We discover intimate moments of couple and family life but also the promiscous pleasures right with a backgroud of flowery wallpaper.

The different vision of his models is the eye of Evgeny Mokhorev - it is the respect and contemplation, disclosing one of the aspects of an ambiguous period of puberty.

Alberto Garcia-Alix, is in some kind an anthropologist with a Spanish fantasy, going deep down the underground life. He is nightlife’s witness, revealing its actors with passion and aesthetisism.

The romance is also the date. Deeply touched by small details, Lars Schwander observes a delicate thigh of a young woman rearranging her stockings.

Tender and sincere, the authoportraits of Camilla Holmgren, posing in tights in the middle of the almost empty room, nothing but a photocable in her arms, are a particular confidence.

Antoine d’Agata drown us and leaves in the heart of the subject, with the images of coition, in perfect harmony with his own words « The photography is printed on my fears and my desires, it feeds with it as it was a living flesh .»

With a young Russian photographer Margo Ovcharenko we are still quetched, waking in the world of a morning dreams .

The nudity discloses itself with pudency or exhibits obscenely. The sensuality of the body and the lust of the moment.

* Lyrics : Suzanne Vega, “Stockings”

The Object of Sex and Desire

Künstler: Antoine d´Agata, Nobuyoshi Araki, Nikolay Baharev, Alberto Garcia-Alix, Camilla Holmgren, Evgeny Mokorev, Pierre Molinier, Margo Ovcharenko, Lars Schwander, Jeffrey Silverthorne, Jacob Aue Sobol