press release

Kasper Andreasen's interest in everyday practices revolves around printed matter, objects, and maps. His first Belgian solo exhibition will mainly present drawings and artist's books. The exhibited works are brought together by their gestures of drawing and writing as well as through their representation of ‘place’. These places are interpretations which depict the act of writing through cartography and printed media. Andreasen shows 'the place of writing' as an idiosyncratic form of expression; as a poetic and visual procedure.

Kasper Andreasen lives and works and Brussels and teaches at the KASK (School of Arts) in Gent. Since 2006 he has been developing a body of work around drawing and mapping. His work consists mainly of drawing and writing with an emphasis on mapping, indexing, and archiving. Recently, he completed a number of artist's books, including the drawing atlas Writing Over (Roma Publications, Amsterdam). Currently, he works with the different interfaces of painting, drawing and writing.

An catalogue and a special edition will be published on the occasion of the exhibition with texts by Clemens von Lucius and Zlatko Wurzberg.