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Movement in Art, Tinguely, De Saint Phalle, Duchamp. Warhol, happenings. As a tribute to one of Moderna Museet's most colourful directors, and as a parallel version of a revolutionising and exhilarating phase in the museum's history, we are showing a selection of works from Pontus Hultén's private collection. What makes some people seem to have a more finely tuned feeling for what is new, revolutionary and ahead of its time? A well-developed intuition, perhaps, or an inner voice? Another crucial asset is probably that of being open and curious. Having the ability to grasp a historical opportunity, something different, verging on the outrageous. This comes fairly close to describing Pontus Hultén (b 1924), director of Moderna Museet between 1960 and 1973. One of Pontus Hultén's strengths was his phenomenal ability to be exactly where history is being made. He was in Paris already in 1946, digging for the roots of modernism. Instead, he discovered the art of Marcel Duchamp, made friends with Constantin Brancusi and Jean Tinguely, and witnessed the emergence of a new post-war world. Just over a decade later, in 1957, he was in the USA, experiencing how the dominance of abstract expressionism was being challenged by a more socially aware, down-to-earth generation, where art was linked with reality. Further from the gallery space, closer to the street. Pontus Hultén became known to the international public through his shows such as Movement in Art, American Pop Art and the world's first solo exhibition with Andy Warhol. He turned Moderna Museet into a genuine meeting-place, with his now legendary evening events, film shows and happenings. Together with the art historian and genius Carlo Derkert, whom he recruited in the 1960s, he made a lasting, seminal impact on the museum's educational programme.

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The Pontus Hulten Collection

Künstler: Eva Aeppli, Torsten Andersson, Antic , Arman , Olle Baertling, Dick Bengtsson, Constantin Brancusi, Robert Breer, Daniel Buren, Greg Colson, Siri Derkert, Marcel Duchamp, Jacques Villon, Bo Ek, Lars Englund, Max Ernst, Öyvind Fahlström, Jean Fautrier, Göran Folcker, Sam Francis, Alex Hay, Lars Hillersberg, David Hockney, Rebecca Horn, Jean-Olivier Hucleux, Toshimitsu Imai, Robert Jacobsen, Jasper Johns, Ake Karlung, On Kawara, Edward & Nancy Kienholz, Piotr Kowalski, Bertrand Lavier, Alfred Leslie, Roy Lichtenstein, Ulf Linde, Olli Lyytikäinen, Gergory Mahoney, Kasimir Malewitsch, Walter De Maria, Roberto Matta, Richard Mortensen, Kang Myonghi, Claes Oldenburg, Nam June Paik, Liga Pang, Sarah Perry, Ljubow Popowa, Andre Raffray, Robert Rauschenberg, Martial Raysse, Tonie Roos, Ed Ruscha, Niki de Saint Phalle, Sarkis , Serp , Thomas Shannon, Jan Svenungsson, Wladimir Tatlin, Fruls Tilpo, Andy Warhol, Dan Wolgers, Christian Zeimert

The Pontus Hulten Collection