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The Savoy was originally conceived by Michael Beutler, Henning Bohl, Stephanie Kleefeld and Lucie Stahl, as a festival to held be in their native Germany. Since being approached by the Collective it has evolved into a large group exhibition featuring twelve of the most promising emergent artists based in Berlin, Frankfurt, Koln and Dresden. For all the artists featured in The Savoy the exhibition represents their first in Scotland, coupled with an opportunity to generate new work. The starting point for The Savoy was an interrogation of the rural landscape, including the farmed and gardened landscape, as subject matter for making work. As the project evolved many of the selected works have developed other connections including ornamental abstraction and secret fantasies. Many of the artists featured in The Savoy have shown together in a previous exhibition; ‘Totally motivated – A sociocultural manoeuvre’ at the Kunstverein Munchen (2003), which was initiated by Michael Beutler. In this exhibition Beutler asked several artists (including: Ulla Rossek, Henning Bohl, Claus Richter, Michaela Meise, Heide Hinrichs, Lucie Stahl) to show work within one of his large platform structures.


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The Savoy
mit Florian Adolph, Michael Beutler, Henning Bohl, Shannon Bool, Heide Hinrichs, Stefanie Kleefeld, Michaela Meise, Almut Middel, Claus Richter, Ulla Rossek, Lucie Stahl, Josef Strau & Amelie von Wulffen

Project Room: Camilla Low