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The Space Between brings together minimal, op art (optical art) and geometric abstract works that explore the very process of looking. By pausing in the "space between" sight and mind, visitors will find that the non-representational works will delight, disrupt, and disorient their visual perceptions. The ICA will host an opening reception for The Space Between on Friday, February 1, from 6 - 8 pm.

The exhibiting artists in The Space Between include Freddy Chandra, Brent Hallard, Linn Meyers, Mel Prest, Gay Outlaw, and Nancy White. While the work ranges in media (painting, drawing, sculpture, and new media), each artist pays close attention to the subtle and obvious qualities of the visual experience. For instance, the colorful hand-painted lines in Mel Prest's paintings seem to vibrate upon prolonged observation, compelling the eye to refocus its gaze while exploring the content of the paintings. In similar fashion, a palpable pulse emerges from Linn Meyers' large scale wall drawings. Meyers methodically draws lines and dots to produce swirling optical fields. Using the precision of geometric forms, Nancy White creates intimate amplifications of light and color. On hand-pigmented paper, triangles seemingly dissolve and reappear in space. What emerges is an area of visual activity where the distinction between what is painted and what they eye construes is elusive. Freddy Chandra's site-specific installations examine the fleeting experiences that take place on the periphery of our visual world. The surfaces of Gay Outlaw's minimal sculptures shift and undulate to disrupt the visual senses. The artist utilizes simple forms to create visually complex rhythms of pattern, color, light and shadow.

The Space Between is sponsored in part by a generous gift from the Myra Reinhard Family Foundation.

The Space Between

mit Freddy Chandra, Brent Hallard, Linn Meyers, Gay Outlaw, Mel Prest, Nancy White