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"The Spirituality of Place" focuses on internationally acclaimed artists working in a variety of media who explore the sense, spirit and memory of place and reinterpret it poetically through their art. Locating the spiritual in the urban and natural worlds, artists in this exhibition create works that ultimately invite the viewer to have a contemplative, and in some cases interactive, experience with their findings.

Participating artists include Mark Bradford, Andy Goldsworthy, Mona Hatoum, Kimsooja, Yoko Ono and Do Ho Suh.

This exhibition is held in conjunction with the SCAD Architectural History Symposium "The Spirituality of Place" and the 2011 deFINE ART program.

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The Spirituality of Place

Künstler: Mark Bradford, Andy Goldsworthy, Mona Hatoum, Kim Sooja, Yoko Ono, Do-Ho Suh