press release

Just as New York poet Frank OÅfHara complained about the stifling atmosphere of a vigorous art centre sixty years ago, Fiona Connor, Kate Newby and Marnie Slater have devised a project to take their practice outside the confines of artist-run space and institution alike. On the weekend of April 26-27 they will stage an exhibition, as a series of art actions, in a cul-de-sac in the Mount Eden quarry. Their project aims to lift the atmosphere of an often complacent and shrinking realm of possibilities for artists interested in engaging with the architecture of our urban life. This is art outside the inner city precinct of AucklandÅfs K-Road and into the lived experience of AucklandÅfs domestic suburbs.

“The project proposes an architecture of piracy and detournement” says Newby who is one of the founding members of AucklandÅfs Gambia Castle. It is in this spirit that this group of artists will collaborate across the boundaries of authorship, genre and material - terms which have defined the history of a predominantly masculine tradition in sculpture.

Connor, Newby and Slater chose the site because they were interested in situating their work in an environment without the elevation of an art sanctioned space. Their project looks to create new directions for artistic practice in Auckland through its deviation of spaces from their normal uses. Based around site-responsiveness, the work aims to forefront action and feed off every day happenings in functional spaces.

Fiona Connor is also a founding member of Gambia Castle, where, in 2007, she presented the major solo project, Old Buildings. Connor recently participated in the exhibition You are Here curated by Ariane Craig-Smith at ARTSPACE, Auckland. Kate Newby is one of the most promising recent graduates from the Elam School of Fine Arts postgraduate programme and has exhibited extensively in NZ and abroad. In 2007 Newby staged solo exhibitions at Gambia Catle and te tuhi, Auckland. Marnie Slater is a Wellington based artist who has exhibited widely within New Zealand and Australia. Slater has been a long-standing board member of Enjoy Public Art Gallery, and in 2006 was awarded a five month Commonwealth Arts and Craft Award in Bombay, India.

The World (will soon turn our way)
Fiona Connor, Kate Newby, Marnie Slater