press release

An international group of painters left the comfort zone of their workspaces. They will offer up their ego's in service of the exploration of a collective work process. Initiators Aquil Copier and Raymond Cuijpers collected together a group of 20 artists who want to create a space for developments which could not exist without the artists leaving their personal universe.

W139 presents There is no I, an experiment where painters explore the possibilities and boundaries of their work at W139. Over the course of a couple weeks, together - without a premeditated plan - they will work on large new paintings. The focus will be on the process of creation, paying attention to discussion about and reflection on painting.

Initially the group will be divided in four categories: Theory, where the artists mostly work from a particular theory, a concept; Energy, those who mostly work from physical movements; different, artists who work radically and free; and monochrome those who strive for monochrome abstraction. For the group this subdivision merely counts as a point of departure. The work process is free from rules and all space will be given to explore the unpredictable.

The whole process will continuously be open to the public to provide a detailed insight in the making process of a painting. Also to present the development of the collaborative works of the painters of There is no I. Screenings of documentaries about painters and painting will be shown in a separate space. During the working period there will be an evening program with manifestations revolving around painting and its process. At the end of this intensive period of collaboration and exploration the artists of There is no I will show a tangible energy in a final presentation.