press release

Opening: Friday, January 14, 2011, from 5 pm

Since 2005 Thomas Muellenbach has collected every flyer and exhibition invitation sent to him. He has reinterpreted these invitations in watercolors, leaving off the text whenever it was not part of the work. Muellenbach does not see himself as a servile copyist but rather follows the freedom of his own thinking. Over 600 watercolors have been produced so far, from “foreign” subjects but in Muellenbach’s painting style — a kind of “handmade appropriation.“ For the first time, Rotwand is showing publically a group of over 400 of these works, based on artists from Duerer to Polke to Dawn Mellor, in a two-week-long project exhibition. The title “Halboriginal” (Half Original) refers to the sly term used in the Balkans for commercial counterfeit watches and fashion articles. In fact, the subjects were not invented by Muellenbach, but their watercolor counterparts are his creation.

Thomas Müllenbach