press release

Thomas Struth pictures the world– its buildings, people, society and culture– in its present moment of perpetual change. Unlike many of his contemporaries who have investigated photography’s fictional potential, Struth, born in 1954 in Geldern, Germany, has adhered to a straightforward yet formally refined approach to photography. From his early black and white photographs of cities such as Chicago, Tokyo, New York, and Rome, to his renowned “Museum Pictures,” to his penetrating portraiture, to his color forays into the various mountains and forests of Asia and his recent video portraits of city streets across the globe, Struth has created a stunningly beautiful body of work that testifies to art’s continuing ability to register the complex appearance of our environment. Thomas Struth will be the most comprehensive exhibition to date of Struth’s work, and the first survey to tour across the United States. This exhibition was organized by the Dallas Museum of Art.  Pressetext

Thomas Struth - Picturing the World