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Threshold, a new light and audio installation by Faisal Abdu’Allah and Charlie Dark mediates between the architecture of memory and the archaeology of personal experience.

A ‘totality of space’, dense with sound is framed by shadow and darkness. Into this totality, light becomes both fluid and form, fracturing and interacting with the physical space. The aural environment is layered with the fragments of voices, shadowed forms and hidden traces, adding another corporeal dimension.

Threshold emerged from a mixed media project in collaboration with Year 6 students from Shacklewell Primary School, Hackney. Archiving a moment of change and departure through examining the construction of historical legacies and personal narratives - the artists worked with the students to form the concept for Threshold. Sounds and forms gathered from workshops have been incorporated into the final work.

The artist’s workshops are part of a tripartite schools project entitled Liminia, produced by inIVA in partnership with A Space for creative learning and support.

Faisal Abdu'Allah's work primarily evolves from the interface of photography, the printed image and lens-based installations. He graduated in Fine Arts at the Royal College of Art in London. Recent projects include: Britannia Works (Xippas Gallery, Greece 2004), Garden of Eden (Chisenhale Gallery, London 2003) and he is a recipient of the Decibel Visual Arts Award (Visual Artist 2004-5).

Charlie Dark is the founder of the Blacktronica collective and one third of the critically acclaimed ensemble, Attica Blues. Dark is a sound artist, prominent writer, musician and DJ whose career spans over 14 years. Recent projects include: Freeness (2005), Voyage London River Cultures Festival 2005, Depth (2004), Urban Tribes (2005) and Bullet Boy (2004).


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Faisal Abduallah & Charlie Dark