press release

Timeloop is a cross-venue programme exploring one of the most influential art forms of the twentieth century - video art.

The season presents new installations, rediscovers key works in the cultural heritage of video art, and involves talks within a German context of media art production. The programme has been built around " - Digital Heritage: Video Art in Germany from 1963 to the Present" the 40 Years of Video Art initiative (see, whose main goal was to address basic questions, such as the archiving and presentation of video art.

These topics make up a central but often neglected chapter in recent art history. Apart from safeguarding existing stock and restoring historical material, the circulation and publication of video art was a further important aim of this project.

The season includes: - Installations by Boaz Kaizman and Miriam Thyes at Street Level; - A Medialounge at the CCA including 12 packages of works in the 40 Years of Video Art programme; - Installations by Nan Hoover and Nina Konnemann at the CCA; - The online catalogue of IMAI (Inter-Media Art Institute) at Street Level; - Illustrated talks by Doris Krystof, curator of K21 Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen, at the Gallery of Modern Art and Glasgow School of Art; - Lecture by Jochen Gerz at Tramway.

Timeloop is presented in association with the Goethe-Institut, Glasgow and Arts Development Department of Glasgow City Council.

Orte: Centre for Contemporary Art, Glasgow; Street Level, Glasgow; Tramway Glasgow

Installationen/Beiträge: Boaz Kaizman, Myriam Thyes, Nan Hoover, Nina Könnemann, Doris Krystof, IMAI Catalogue (Inter-Media Art Institute), Jochen Gerz ...