press release

Kafkaesque has entered the world of discourse and political theory in an attempt to describe the mundane absurdity surrounding the tragicomic truth shaping almost every aspect of contemporary life. The bureaucracy that veils the obscenities of power, even in its pre-globalised form as presented throughout FK's work transcends the limited boundaries of a literary device and reaches the status of a historical tool. Many systems of arbitrary power occupied FK’s paranoid stories, from his most famous explorations such as a man that’s being prosecuted and is convicted for an unnamed crime, or a guy finding himself in the body of a cockroach and only worrying about how he’s going to work on time, to his less known short stories, like the tale of a Poseidon who’s working as a public official, to that of the circus clown who performs by starving himself. Power and powerlessness, paranoia and the lore of the non-sense leak trough FK’s machine and defile the functions and order within the concept of art.

*Kafka quoted in Resident Evil: Apocalypse