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For this exhibition at Store, Tobias Buche has worked on-site to install a translucent maze of overlapping storyboards. The work consists of collections of drawings, formal studies by the artist, personal photographs, newspaper clippings, found images from the internet, computer prints, photo-copies and other vernacular paper mapped onto clear, free-standing acrylic walls. Many of the images are easily recognizable fragments of personal, cultural and political life: snapshots, ghost rider cars, the sketch released by the McCann family of an unknown man carrying a child, Francis Bacon’s ‘Study After Velasquez’s Portrait of Pope Innocent X’, a portrait of Jerry Adams as a young man. The images signify an interest in counter cultures, in marginal and controversial ideologies. For some images the source remains unknown, asking that the viewer free-associate. The complex arrangement is deliberately complicated, yet seemingly random, and without a storyline the meanings overlap and motives blur. Tobias Buche’s emotive assemblage triggers memories in the viewer who cannot help but come up with their own connections and narrative.

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Tobias Buche