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Gallery Klosterfelde is pleased to announce the first solo show with Berlin based artist Tobias Buche (b 1978). It takes place in the former gallery space on Linienstraße 160 which from September onwards is used as an exhibition space again.

For this exhibition Buche has built an installation consisting out of display walls on which he has attached collections of photographs, computer prints, and xerox copies. The kind of display reminds of educational devices and schoolboards, though on closer view the boards lack any didactic ordering system. The images were put on the tableaus in a seemingly random way, without a narrative sequence. The composition of the boards bring to mind Aby Warburgs Mnemosyne Atlas, the large photo archive for which the cultural historian collected thousands of reproductions, arranging them on black boards according to bodily gestures and expressions. His aim was to collect common "pathos formula" which would appear throughout different epochs in high art as well as in mass culture, representing a sort of collective memory. Contrary to this approach however, Buches tableaus don`t follow rigid formal or thematic categories. Instead his arrangements try to reach a largest possible complexity both in a formal and a conceptual way.

The exhibition title Dischord is taken from an American music label from the 1980s whose feeling of solidarity manifested itself in strict rules and instructions for all members and fans of the group. The title points to a more general interest in counter cultures, in marginal or controversial ideological systems. Dischord also stands for an aesthetic practice of visual heterogeneity and discontinuities. Newspaper clippings hang next to private photos next to found footage from the internet and formal studies of the artist: with the accumulation of the images, whose sources remain largely unknown, their meanings overlap. Fragmentarily scenes from the public political and cultural life can be identified, images which have been inscribed in our collective consciousness: the dead body of politician Barschel in a bath tub, the bizarre escape of the Munch-robbers. But the singular motives often appear cropped or blurred, so that a differentiation from the personal photos and from the more abstract motives has been deliberately complicated. Tobias Buche manages to open different fields of association for the spectator which act, like memory images, on an emotional level and withdraw from clear cut meanings.


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Tobias Buche - Dischord
Linienstraße 160