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Eröffnung am Samstag, den 16. August 2008, 16-20 Uhr

“My work lays emphasis on the temporal and political potential of looking, and is, in a primary sense, a meditation upon seeing. My thought process is not abstract but works with actual, tangible, materials, things that have a sensuous character. I use colour, concentration, nuance, focus, space, and light, things that we can recognise and understand. Within the course of my work I try to give these abstract terms a concrete content relevant to my feelings and experience.” Tom Benson

Einzelausstellungen Tom Benson, Auswahl:

2004 ‘A room with a window and a painting’, Hebel_121, Basel, 2005 Concept Space, Shibukawa, Gunma, Japan 2006 Registers and Greyscales, Stiftung für konkrete Kunst, Reutlingen 2007 Sleeper, Edinburgh 2008 Raumwechsel 10, Kunstraum Alexander Bürkle, Freiburg The Field Institute, Raketenstation, Insel Hombroich, Neuss

Das Field Institute befindet sich auf der Raketenstation, gegenüber des Turms. Öffnungszeiten am 17. und 23.-24. August 2008, 14-20 Uhr und nach telefonischer Vereinbarung unter 0176-5100 8703

Tom Benson, Paintings
Ort: Field Institute Hombroich, Raketenstation