press release

In Tommy Støckel’s constructions, hyper design is blended with classic archetypal form. He uses paper, cardboard, foam and polystyrene to create sculptures and collages that play with design histories. Both the gallery floor and walls are sites for Støckel’s sculptures, which can take organic as well as machine-made shapes. His works re-describe the boundaries between 2D and 3D installations through warped angles and perspectives, creating a slight nausea within the white cube. The works are dressed up as classical sculpture, but at times using subtle modifications referring to the Renaissance canon, molecular structure and artificial life. Contemporary sci-fi art usually wrestles with premises from the academic world of natural science and empirical research, but, interestingly, Støckel manages to merge artistic paradigms with scientific ones.

A text about the artist accompanies the exhibition, written as an imaginative conversation between Tommy Støckel, the mathematically inspired 20th century artist M. C. Escher and Robert Stasinski, project manager at Iaspis. The conversation attempts to bridge the gap of the modernist construct of physicality and today’s microcosm of nano-technologies, made through a dialogue on the works of Støckel.

Tommy Støckel, born in 1972 in Copenhagen, lives and works in Berlin. In 2006, he held a NIFCA-residency at Iaspis in Stockholm, where parts of the present exhibition was formed.


Tommy Stockel
Clash of the Classics
The Project Studio, Iaspis, Stockholm