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Opening 26.September 2007, 7pm at the pink gallery Saloon, Brunnenstr.32/Anklamerstr., 10115 Berlin Mitte

For the opening of the new space in Brunnenstr. in Berlin Mitte pink gallery shows in a formation of 10 Berlin Artists the exhibition ToP-Triumph of Painting, with Objects, Drawings, Audio-, Video- and MixedMedia Installations, digital art, and photoworks to draw a circle around the painterly. The conversions of the origin in Painting into new styles will be examined and confront to each other.

Triumph of Painting

In the last century, significant variations have been occurred in the mediums of artistic expression. Classic mediums have become more multifaceted, and have been mixed, combined, and replaced by other mediums. Pure painting or sculpture have their place in the contemporary art events, alongside to mixed media, video installations, digital photography, action art, conceptual art, and many other forms of expression.

Through the new currents at the beginning of the twentieth century and at latest following the renaissance of artistic self-determination in the 1960s, the arts have won freedoms and subsequent possibilities, whose latitudes can not only be judged according to the new mediums that have been developed, but must also be judged by the expansion of the once irrefutable laws artistic form. The development of new technologies has steadily advanced this change. New technologies are partly responsible for making new forms of artistic expression possible in the first place; similarly, variations in the laws of artistic form have initiated a new age, following from better networking within and the artworld and beyond it, in adjacent genres. Take for example the steadily growing number of artistic mediums, that exist in between the art market and in the alternative Artspaces. They are simultaneously the cause and the effect of these variations in the forms of artistic expression. But the drive towards imaging and preservation of moments and situations, as well as the impulse towards compositional manipulation is further at work in these new works of art. The creation of a considerable form and vision is always the fundamental drive and work of an artist; only now it takes place on renewed platforms of artistic practice. Basic characteristics of traditional art forms today are still to be found in the words of the art, however, the former styles transformed into inherent features of the work, which are partially clearly, sometimes merely hidden visible.

The works on exhibition in ToP examine these issues in relation to painting, through the work of artists living in Berlin. Its works refer to this inheritance and view these relations in respectively different ways and manners. They are not paintings, and pure paintings (pigment on canvas) will not shown in the exhibition. Here the painterly appears as something elementary or through substitution. Nevertheless it remains the triumph, namely that which is significant in the classic painterly forms, leaving into new works. However, this triumph does not exist as a consequence of technical skill or stylistic variation and its picturesque applications, but much more in the expansion of aspects of the painting that are not (simply) based upon the classical techniques of the color order.

But in each case the material and formal extension of the exhibited work always contains a selected subject or an exchange with personal topics or techniques of the artist at bottom, which emerge during the course of their investigations, and do not result from that one in this concept. The works of the artists represents a selection, that enables to investigate these different ways of playing and to confront one with another. Consequently the proximity between the works is intended, where similar or contrasting positions should emerge and express themselves.

Concept & text: Can Henne

ToP - Triumph of Painting
An Exhibition about the painterly
Kurator: Can Henne

mit Mario Asef, Aldo Cristofaro, Swen Daemen, Meike Dölp, Peter Farkas, Can Henne, Joachim Seinfeld, Anke Westermann, Henry Woller, mzweig