press release

Z33 seeks to add more depth and substance to her projects by stimulating and supporting research within and between contemporary visual art and design. In scope of this aim, Z33 invited Ronny Delrue (°1957, Heestert), who is mainly known as a contemporary painter. Originally, his work was expressionistic but he soon developed an evasive relationship with this style. His drawings are the direct reflection of his ideas and it is from these drawings that his oeuvre originates.

After having completed very diverse projects, Ronny Delrue is now working on a doctoral study: "the controlled uncontrolledness while drawing, a study of the portrait". You can see the process and results of this study in his exhibition: Touching the earth and the sky, a gallery project in Z33.

Ronny Delrue developed his study during various residences in the European Ceramic Work Centre (EKWC) 's Hertogenbosch and FLACC, a work space for visual artists in Genk. The process of controlled uncontrolledness while drawing is explored futher in the ceramic material. The slowness of this medium forced Delrue to make copious drawings in order to note down all the ideas that bobbed up in his mind.

The sketches and drawings lead us through the thought process, while the sculptures and baked and unbaked clay materialise the content of his work. These are a constant recurring theme throughout the exhibition.

Throughout the several residences, Ronny Delrue developed 'the Centre for Cloning and Manipulation, (CCM)' that produces children without the ability to think; 'Mind sculptures', white porcelain towers and landscape installations, and his video 'Touching the earth and the sky'. During a fifth and last stage at Z33, Ronny Delrue researched and finalized the presentation of his study, his temporary studio also belongs to the exhibition.

Touching the earth and the sky - Ronny Delrue