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Transient Spaces - The Tourist Syndrome is an interdisciplinary project on the topics of contemporary mobility, tourism and migration, encompassing research, theory, practice, through workshops, seminars, conferences and art exhibitions in Italy, Romania, Lithuania and Germany in 2009 and 2010.

Transient Spaces - The Tourist Syndrome | Bucharest will premiere works produced by Bettina Hutschek (DE), Eugenio Tibaldi (IT), and Nouchka and Alexander Wolf (AT/DE) during their residencies. The artists have been selected during an open call of Transient Spaces - The Tourist Syndrome launched in 2009 and in 2010 carried out their residencies hosted by CIAC @ The Ark in Bucharest. The resulting works deal with issues of displacement, transition and transformation, taking the Romanian capital as their example. Whereas Bettina Hutschek (DE) slips into the role of a tour guide to create an alternative view of the city of Bucharest, Eugenio Tibaldi (IT) devotes his research to niche or specialty forms of tourism that have emerged in post-socialist Romania, such as "casino tourism". Nouchka and Alexander Wolf's (DE) installation deals with the condition of constantly departing and being on the move without ever arriving while establishing a link to the utopian ideas of Romanian space travel pioneers.

Location CIAC @ The Ark Galeria MINUS UNU Gallery, Calea Rahovei 196 A, sect. 5 Bucuresti

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Transient Spaces - The Tourist Syndrome
Ort: CIAC @ The Ark, Galeria MINUS UNU Gallery, Bukarest
Kuratoren: Irina Cios, Marina Sorbello, Antje Weitzel

Künstler: Bettina Hutschek, Eugenio Tibaldi, Nouchka Wolf & Alexander Wolf